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Sunshine: Horner's Syndrome

Education > Patient Stories 1st April 2019

Sunshine is 15 years old and has the sweetest temperament - a retired Blood Donor Hero and the perfect therapy dog who brings joy to many.

One morning, Sunshine woke up with a droopy eyelid. After a physical and eye examination by Dr Teo Jia Wen at Mount Pleasant (Farrer), she was diagnosed with Horner’s syndrome - a neurological disorder that occurs when there is damage of the sympathetic nerves to the eye and surrounding muscles. Besides a drooping eyelid, the eyeball may appear sunken and the third eyelid (normally tucked away at the inner corner) may be visible as a red mass.

Physical and eye exam with bloodwork should be done to rule out any specific causes such as injuries or middle ear diseases, although most cases are idiopathic (of unknown causes). The condition is not painful and does not affect vision. Sunshine’s right eye is already looking better and we expect the disorder to resolve in the following weeks. Further diagnostic tests may be required if there is no improvement.

Sunshine receives regular acupuncture with Dr Kasey Tan and Dr Pauline Fong at Mount Pleasant (North) to manage old-age arthritis. Pictured here with our senior vet tech Karen.

Sunshine with Jeanne celebrating her 15th birthday in January - we think she hardly looks her age.

“When we adopted Sunshine 10 years ago, she had many medical issues. We are grateful to Dr Kasey Tan, Dr Pauline, Dr Teo Jia Wen and other vets who are helping Sunshine with treatments as she ages.”

Sunshine spreading joy during a pet therapy session.

Retired Blood Donor Sunshine meets young Blood Donor Jason. #MountPleasantHero