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Mochi: Limb Amputation

Education > Patient Stories 27th March 2019

Mochi had his right hind leg amputated by Dr Colin Foo a month ago. After surgery, Mochi was hospitalised and monitored closely for redness, swelling, discharge.

There are various reasons that make amputation necessary, such as genetic defects, cancer, nerve damage, trauma or infection non-responsive to therapy. Post-surgery, pain relief medication and antibiotics are important to manage pain and prevent infection.

Cats are nimble. They adapt well to 3 legs with some lifestyle adjustments:

  • Provide steps or ramps around the house so they can reach their favourite spots safely.
  • Maintain a healthy weight to lessen pressure on the remaining limbs.
  • Adjust their litter boxes to make it easier for them to climb in and out.

With time and tender loving care by Adibah and family, the surgical site has healed well, sutures removed and Mochi is more confident on 3 legs. Adibah hopes that more people will be encouraged to open their hearts and adopt “tripawds” like Mochi.