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Hiro: Diabetes Mellitus

Education > Patient Stories 1st April 2019

"Hiro came to our family on 9 Sep 2008. Just 3 months young, cute and timid. He got along very well with our Shih Tzu Mango until her demise on 20 May 2018. Hiro's health then started to deteriorate. We thought he was grieving - he lost his appetite, lost a lot of weight, and was referred to Mount Pleasant (Gelenggang) where he was diagnosed with pancreatitis, UTI and diabetes."

"Hiro was warded twice and received a blood transfusion from a kind donor. Under the good care of Dr Nathalee Prakash and her medical team, Hiro survived the ordeal. We are grateful to the doctors and nurses who cared for Hiro during the tiring period."

"After Hiro was discharged, my helper Janet Lilibeth takes good care of him - feeding him a strict diet with medications and administering insulin injections twice daily. Hiro is very cooperative - he is now healthy and cheerful." ~ Mdm Chua

Hiro comes for regular reviews with our vet specialist Dr Nathalee Prakash for ongoing management of diabetes mellitus. We monitor his condition with blood glucose and fructosamine tests, as well as blood pressure checks and urine tests.

In situations where diabetes mellitus is poorly controlled, or complicated by other disease, the metabolic derangements further escalates, resulting in ketoacidosis, which can be life threatening. When the body is unable to burn glucose for energy, it starts to break down fat cells which produces fatty acids. These fatty acids are converted to ketones. High levels of ketones can lead to diabetic coma or death. Symptoms of ketoacidosis include weakness, vomiting, diarrhoea and abnormal breath.

Diabetic dogs may be eating more but losing weight. They also tend to drink and urinate excessively. Ideally, diabetic dog should be fed the same type and amount of food, at the same time each day to minimise fluctuations in blood glucose so that the amount of insulin required remains the same. Once the diabetes is properly regulated, dogs like Hiro can enjoy a happy normal life.