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Mount Pleasant (Mandai): Charity Bake Sale

Community > Events & Outreach 16th December 2017

Dr Gloria Lee and team at Mount Pleasant (Mandai) have a close working relationship with community cat and dog caregivers. We believe in helping community animals and the people who are protecting them by providing the best veterinary care possible and giving back to community through charity programmes and partnerships.

On 16 December 2017, Dr Gloria and team organised a Charity Bake Sale in support of MercyLight Adoption and Yishun Tabby Cat.

“All stray feeders out there definitely know the importance of having reliable support from a veterinary clinic to assist and advise us in the area of dog rescue work. It can be very frustrating if we cannot be given a clear picture of a dog’s health status and options of treatment. But this team is wonderful – from the vets themselves to the vet techs and reception staff – patient, polite, humble, compassionate, forthright and most importantly, a heart for animals (dogs, cats, birds etc). Thank you Dr Gloria and your team! God bless you all.” ~ MercyLight Adoption