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Between Two Trees: Clinic Visit

Community > Events & Outreach 10th April 2019

Teach our children respect and compassion. They are our HOPE for a kinder world!

Dr Heng Yee Ling and our team at Mount Pleasant (Farrer) hosted a group of adorable children from Between Two Trees Preschool. Dr Heng taught them the right way to meet and greet a new dog - be quiet, gentle, let the dog approach and sniff first. No screaming, grabbing, hugging. Everybody did a great job!

Dr Heng and team took the children on a tour of our clinic, showed them how we examine and care for our patients, taught them the right ways to interact with animals and to always be responsible pet owners and respect our neighbours - e.g. pick up Big Man’s poop!

Children learn by example. We all play an important role, day by day, in raising kind and respectful citizens of the world. Big Man, Miro, Renee and Orh Lu Lu are great teachers too.