Mount Pleasant After Hours Emergency & Night Clinic has been providing emergency veterinary care for over 20 years.

Our Emergency treatment policy is to triage (assessment based on urgency) every pet upon arrival. If the pet is found to be in a serious or in critical need of medical attention, the pet is treated immediately. Pets that are assessed to be stable are seen by the veterinarian in the order of their arrival. We will do our very best to keep the waiting time to a minimum, but like every emergency clinic there are busy times so waiting may be necessary.
Your pet deserves the best medical attention all hours of the day.The clinic is open and is catered specifically for clients of Mount Pleasant Veterinary Group. However, in case of emergencies brought in by other veterinary clinics, initial supportive treatment will be administered to stabilize the patient’s condition and referred back to their regular day Veterinary Clinic the following morning before 8:30am for continuation of treatment or hospitalization.

No Appointment is needed but we would appreciate if you could call to inform us
of on the nature of your emergency so that we can be better prepared.

Our Vet is On Call – Mt Pleasant Group vets are rotated.
Waiting time will be about 30 minutes to 1 hour.

*Prices may change with no prior notice.

Our Intensive Care Services Include:



High-detailed, crystal-clear images ready in minutes for the evaluation by the veterinarian


High-tech laboratory equipment to analyze the blood of critically-ill and trauma patients. Time matters. We evaluate the total body functions and coagulation abilities of our patient and results are ready while you wait


(On Call Basis)
Patients are hospitalized under the direct supervision of a Veterinarian and vet technician. Facilities include continuous oxygen, heated incubators, IV infusion pumps, plasma transfusions, nebulization etc.

Common Emergencies Which Require Immediate Veterinary Care:

• Hit by car
• Choking and difficulty breathing
• Fractures
• Severe Bleeding – external or internal
• Poisoning
• Snake bite
• Shock
• Painful eyes and ears
  • Seizures
• Sudden weakness
• Heat stroke
• Vomiting and diarrhea
• Burns and smoke inhalation
• Unconsciousness, non-responsive
• High Rise Sydrome

Emergency and examination fees are charged for each patient, which cover the initial examination and consultation with our veterinarian.

Additional fees are charged for services and diagnostic tests as determined by your pet's condition. All Quotations given are estimates only depending on procedures done such as blood test, X rays, medical or surgical procedures presented to you prior to treatment, excluding underlying complications. Final bill may be greater or lesser than the estimated amount.

A Deposit is needed to cover the initial estimated cost quoted for hospitalized case overnight. You'll be given choices on how you'd like to proceed with your pet's care. If you have financial constraints, please let us know right away.

Full payment is expected at the time of service.
Mode of payment: Cash, Visa/Mastercard and Nets.
We do not accept Amex and Cheques for payment

Please note that we are strictly an Emergency Clinic and we do not perform
vaccinations or routine veterinary health care.

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